Low Cost Colocation in Kosovo/Europe

You’ll not find a better and affordable datacenter to host your most critical infrastructure needs in the Southeast Europe area.

Colo Basic
69.95 /mo
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  • Rack Space
    2U in 19" rack
  • Power Supply
    2x1 AMP - 220V
  • Connection
    300 Mbps
  • Bandwidth
    10 TB
  • IPs
    2 x IPv4; 2 x /64 IPv6
Colo Pro
529.95 /mo
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  • Rack Space
    20U in 19" rack
  • Power Supply
    2x16 AMP - 220V
  • Connection
    1 Gbps
  • Bandwidth
    50 TB
  • IPs
    10 x IPv4; 4 x /64 IPv6
Colo Deluxe
945.95 /mo
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  • Rack Space
    42U in 19" rack
  • Power Supply
    2x16 AMP - 220V
  • Connection
    1 Gbps
  • Bandwidth
    100 TB
  • IPs
    15 x IPv4; 10 x /64 IPv6

Why choose us for Colocation?

The main reason is support, our customer care team is among the highest-rated support squads online, fast, multi-skilled and helpful.

Price & Location

Reduce your monthly costs and put your hardware in safe hands and infrastructure located in Southeast Europe (Prishtina, Kosovo) (a rare datacenter location).


Redudant network, bandwidth capacity and network hardware from Juniper makes us sure to guarantee network availability of at least 99.9%.

Climate Control

Direct free cooling ensures environmentally friendly cooling of the IT hardware (we keep temperature always under 21*).
Air conditioning via the raised floor.


24/7 access via a key controlled security lock. Logging of access and setting permissions within the administration interface. High security standards and early fire detection.

Power Supply

Electricity capacity of 150 kVA. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is guaranteed by a 30-minute battery capacity and emergency diesel generators. All UPS systems are designed redundantly.


Qualified technicians are 24/7 on-site to assist you in setup and maintenance when needed. We also include free remote hands with every colocation plan.

Our Data Centers
Your services in advanced Data Centers and Infrastructure.

Compare all plans

We have outlined all colocations plans features so you can easily compare all of them.

Colo Basic
Colo Pro
Colo Deluxe
Rack Space 2U in 19" rack 20U in 19" rack 42U in 19" rack
Power Supply Redundant (2 x 1AMP - 220V) via A/B line Redundant (2 x 16AMP - 220V) via A/B line Redundant (2 x 16AMP - 220V) via A/B line
Connection 300 Mbps 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Bandwidth 10 TB 50 TB 100 TB
IP addresses 2 10 15
IPv6 1 x /64 network 1 x /64 network 1 x /64 network
Climate Climate control via raised floors Climate control via raised floors Climate control via raised floors
External Dimensions 60 cm (W) x 120 cm (D) 60 cm (W) x 120 cm (D) 60 cm (W) x 120 cm (D)
Location Prishtina, Kosovo Prishtina, Kosovo Prishtina, Kosovo
Network availability min 99.9% min 99.9% min 99.9%
Early warning fire system
Uninterrupted power supply
Diesel power generator
Extra Deep Racks
BGP Session (with ip's, min: /24)
Virtual Private Network
Reverse DNS
Raised floor system
24/7 camera monitoring
Secured access
24/7/365 Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about colocation.

What is colocation and for whom is it useful?
  • Colocation or server housing means that you can house your own server hardware at our data center parks and profit from the existing infrastructure. You benefit from the uninterruptible power supply and air conditioning, the fast redundant Internet connection, the security concept, DDoS protection and on-site customer support around the clock. With several data center locations in Germany and Finland, we can offer you geo-redundancy and thus even greater reliability. These services can be used by private users as well as small and large companies at a low cost. Thus, you relieve your IT department and can concentrate on your core business.

Do you offer an installation service?
  • Yes, we accept shipments of customer hardware, and can undertake the installation, e.g. servers, firewall, switch or NAS including LAN cabling. First time installation is free of charge. Likewise, hardware such as e.g. drives, power supples, fans or RAM can be exchanged on behalf of the customer. There are free hours of remote hands for each plan, after we charge 15.5 Euro /hour.

How long do services take to be deployed?
  • Generally less than 12 hours from the time your order is submitted and arrived in our datacenter. In certain cases, which require custom power circuit installations, additional time may be required.

Do you have staff onsite available to help if a problem occurs on my equipment?
  • Absolutely, we are staffed 24×7 with knowledgeable datacenter engineers who can assist both in network & server needs. We currently serve clients throughout the world who never need to access our location.