Use https:// when writing a blog post for secure WordPress

The ease of getting started and low time to live that WordPress offers does have some downsides. It lulls us into a false sense of security. We’re so excited to get some blog post on our new website that we often overlook simple precautionary measures that make WordPress much more secure. read more

How Can I Make WordPress Faster?

More than 22.8% of all websites on the Web use WordPress, with this number growing each day. We’re seeing more and more of our hosting clients installing WordPress, so spending time optimizing the platform is worthwhile. read more

3 Great WordPress Plugins for WordPress Webmasters

WordPress is a great platform for managing a website or blog, and whilst the standard installation might work great for many, a wide range of plugins (both free and paid) are available to extend the existing functionality if you are needing something extra. read more