How Many Links Should I Have on a Page?

Is this a question you sometimes ask yourself? The guidelines sometimes change as to how many is too many and whether having too few links will penalise your pages but it’s good to have a general idea on the ‘for’s and against’s’ for links. read more

Why An SSL Certificate is Important for SEO Reasons

Whilst SSL Certificates were once just something e-commerce sites would use, there’s now a new reason to buy an SSL for your you haven’t already heard, Google recently announced that they’ll finally be giving websites which use SSL Certificates (enabling HTTPS) a small boost in rankings. read more

Why Fast Server Speed is Important for SEO Rankings

As you may already know, Google (and other search engines) use page load speed as a ranking factor when deciding where to place your website in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), meaning if you care about SEO and want to see your website appearing in Google for certain keywords you’re targeting, you need to ensure your pages are loading fast for users. read more