Data security – it’s important

Any business that provides a service that involves storing data should understand the importance of data security. And to be honest, all too often we’ve witnessed the undesirable results when data security is breached. It can be human error (or judgement – Wikileaks?), system error (hacking/compromised systems) or a combination of both. From wikileaks secrets being made public, to governments losing important documents, to bank/credit card details being exposed – any breach of data security can have catastrophic results. read more

Use https:// when writing a blog post for secure WordPress

The ease of getting started and low time to live that WordPress offers does have some downsides. It lulls us into a false sense of security. We’re so excited to get some blog post on our new website that we often overlook simple precautionary measures that make WordPress much more secure. read more

10 Tips for Securing Your WordPress Site

Thanks to its established large developer community and offering two Beta releases before major versions are pushed out for use on production sites, WordPress is generally kept free of bugs; if site owners remember to update! read more

Why You Really Should Use a VPN in Starbucks

Many of us regularly use open public Wi-Fi networks such as those in Starbucks, McDonald’s and the like.

However, the truth is, these networks really aren’t secure. Unless you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), that is. read more