Internet Marketing – Techniques That Work

Internet marketing has changed significantly over the last few years and much of the industry has failed to adjust to the changes. Many SEOs are living in the past and selling customers SEO services which have no effect on their search engine rankings — and services which could have significant negative effects on their search engine rankings. Business owners are often left in the dark about latest developments in search engine marketing as they trust service providers’ ability to improve their rankings. Some service providers themselves may be operating on outdated information or in some cases simply rely on ignorance to keep selling their established services. read more

Using Facebook as a Remarketing Tool

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, or retargeting, stimulates interest in an existing product or service which your potential customers have either visited or displayed some degree of engagement in the past.

This could mean someone who has recently visited your site or Facebook page but has been possibly interrupted or non-committed – such as abandoning the shopping cart just before making a conversion. read more

Is it in Your Interest to Use Pinterest?

No doubt we need not tell you that social networks are here to stay for the foreseeable future as an avenue to reach your client base/readership. We would also make the assumption that you’re well aware that Facebook and Twitter continue to dominate as the market leaders. However, of all the social platforms available, Pinterest is currently building up enough momentum to not necessarily challenge the other two (or others), but complement them. It’s time to pay attention to the many benefits Pinterest can have for your business or ventures. read more